Jolly Lolly - Trick

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Jolly Lolly is a perfect trick effect, for kids and adults too! It's easy to perform, easy to understand, colorful and will amaze by your audiences.


A magician is holding a paper bag on which some lollipops are printed, says that the bag contains four different colored lollipops. He takes them out one at a time and shows red, blue, yellow and the last one is green color (note: colors may vary). After showing four lollipops and put them back in the bag, the performer asks an audience to call out a color for the magician to keep for himself. Let's say, it's a yellow lollipop. The magician takes out the yellow one and put it away. Then asks the audience which lollipops still in the bag. The audience name the colors. The performer makes a magical gesture and makes all the lollipops vanish! The bag is completely empty!

Great magic with colorful Jolly Lolly, and lots of laughs!

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