Jerry's Nugget Cards

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We’ve all heard of them. Some of us have used them. Some of us collect them. Some of us covet them. Great news: in November 2019 the Expert Playing Card Company’s licensed version of Jerry’s Nuggets will hit the streets, and we’re as excited as you are.

The original Jerry’s Nuggets Playing Cards, as legend has it, were printed forty seven years ago and then hidden in a basement somewhere in Nevada. Twenty or so years later they were put on sale in the concession stand at Jerry’s Nugget casino for a couple of bucks a piece. Mike Skinner used to open up a deck deck for every group he performed for, and then give them away afterwards!

By the Nineties, you couldn’t get a deck of Jerry’s anywhere. Unless you had very deep pockets. Knock offs flooded auction websites. And, that’s when Bill Kalush stepped in. He negotiated the rights to reproduce these seminal cards. And you can get them now for around the price of a regular premium deck!

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