ITINERIS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Radek Hoffmann, Luca Volpe and Alan Wong - Trick

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The routine starts when the performer asks the spectator to make some random decisions. First, they need to set up a random time using the performer's watch. Then they generate a random number using an imaginary die. They throw it three times and add up the imaginary numbers to create a total. Now it's time for a fascinating story about the performer's grandfather. How he inspired him to travel and share magic with others. When the performer opens the passport holder, he will deal the exact number of luggage tags using the number generated by the spectator earlier and will stop at random place in the world. Then the mentalist asks the spectator what kind of image they have in mind when thinking about this place.

The performer takes out a drawing from the passport holder and when he opens it, it will be exactly what our spectator just described! Surprisingly, no other luggage tag is related to this image. Then the mentalist will take out the black envelope. Inside that envelope is a piece of a plane ticket to a new destination chosen by spectator! That is not all! The time generated by the spectator matched the departure time on the plane ticket. The last kicker ending is the seat number. It is the same number generated by them earlier!

Itineris is a very elegant and organic routine, where all random decisions made by the spectator will perfectly match predictions about the performer's past journey. This is not just another prediction trick. This is a routine where you can take your spectator on a fascinating journey inside your mind!

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