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Master magician Mariano Goni has done it again!

Interceptor is an app that uses a playing card object detection model to identify the card you show to the phone camera.

You can perform a new "Card to Number" prediction on the spectator's phone without making any suspicious moves. This is the cleanest card-to-number effect of its kind, using normal playing cards.

Additionally, there's the option of sending it to the "Now" system, along with a double prediction routine for two spectators.

It's simple to perform and easy to use.
  • Use any normal deck.
  • Zero input from the performer (the camera does it for you)
  • No calculations, no memory work.
  • Magician fooler.
  • Three different possible effects(*)
  • Personalize it in your language.
"With the help of AI, Mariano Goni has turned 'NOW' into then and 'Interceptor' into the future."
- Doug McKenzie

"Interceptor will be your secret weapon. With it, you can not only fool the magician, but also surprise the audience."
- Hanson Chien

"You had me dumbfounded!"
- Coco Magician

"I have been waiting for an affordable app of this type for a long time! thanks!"
- Capelo Black

"When Mariano Goni releases a new app he has my attention, and Interceptor is an excellent example. I want one!"
- Gaston Quieto

iOS only (Android version incoming)
  • Sending up to three cards to the NOW! or NOW2 system requires an account on one of those two apps.
  • Requires iPhone X or up, and iOS 17 or later versions.

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