Instant T Red (Gimmicks+Online Instructions) by The French Twins/ Magic Dream

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From the creators of the best seller Blaze, Les French Twins are back with their new creation, Instant T. An incredibly visual and unexpected transformation of a card into a tea bag. But there's more, with Instant T, not only can you transform a card into a tea bag, but you can also make anything appear within the totally closed and observable bag, for example a thought of card or any object fastened to the end of the thread (such as a map, a ring, a capsule, a signed card, a ticket, a prediction etc) .

A gimmick of devilish ingenuity, the result of many months of work for Tony & Jordan in order to make the trick as simple as possible, and do the incredible visual effect and varied routine.

With your purchase you will learn ten different routines using Instant T, and will soon be amazing your spectators with this light-hearted, funny and weirdly amazing effect.

Points to note:

  • Well made gimmick
  • Resets in just 2 seconds
  • Easy to perform
  • Visual and clean
  • Unexpected

With your purchase you receive:

  • 1 x tea box
  • 50 x tea bags
  • Gimmick
  • 10 routines (close up/stage/mentalism)
  • Link for explanation in French & English

We never thought we wanted to transform a card into a tea bag, but this quirky effect from Les French Twins has changed our minds. Created and produced by Les French Twins.

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