Inside My Mind by Richard Osterlind - Book

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This time it's personal...

Over the years, Richard has offered many titles on the theory and practice of magic and mentalism. The most outstanding have been The Osterlind Trilogy, The Principles of Magic, The Principles of Mentalism, and The Professional Mentalist's Field Manuals series. This new volume goes beyond those works into the deeper and most important aspects of our art.

This will be Richard's last book of this kind!

The material within these pages is priceless to the mystery entertainer. Regardless of what type of performing you do, there is gold in here that will change your thinking forever. Besides offering incredible performing insights, Richard discusses just what magic and mentalism is in today's changing world and why the fundamentals of our art will never become obsolete.

To put the icing on the cake, Richard includes a long chapter on his own background as a performer explaining how he came to be one of the most successful corporate entertainers in the country. You need to read this chapter!

What's more, the book features previously unpublished photographs from various times in Richard's long career scattered throughout.

If you have benefited from Richard's thinking in the past, then understand this material is profound and represents Richard's final words. Please don't hesitate. Be one of the first to have this remarkable material that is the culmination of Richard's mind-boggling thinking!

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