Incredible Split Deck Plus (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Magic Music Entertainment

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The magician shows a card that has the image of an unknown prediction printed on one side and on the other side the prediction that will be revealed at the end of the trick, leaving this card on the table at all times and in full view of the spectators. Now the magician shows a deck of cards that, with a single "magical blow", it transforms into two small packs of playing cards.

From inside, he takes out the cards that are cut approximately in half, spreads the two packs on the table with the figures face up, showing that they are all different cards in the two packs. Now he places them back on the table but with the figures upside down and asks two spectators to remove two halves. the magician would say that without looking the two spectators chose the exact same card. When turning them over, it is found that they do not coincide, making the public believe that the trick "failed" but when turning over the prediction card, this is exactly the two chosen cards!

A magical effect that contains several effects in one and that a great ending is achieved!

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