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An experienced magician once said that the three most compelling themes in magic are danger, money, and sex. Among these themes, fire magic holds a special fascination for many magicians.

To enhance the mesmerizing effects of fire magic, magicians have developed various props, such as the pyromania, fire wallets, and fire shooters that you may be familiar with.

The addition of flames or fire can greatly enhance a magic performance and elicit fantastic reactions from the audience.

Among the wide range of fire props available, World Magic has a special fondness for the 'Flare' by Nicholas Lawrence, a fire shooting pen based on a Sharpie design. Now they have created their own version called Incendio.

Incendio is designed to look and function just like a regular Sharpie, but with the added ability to create a ball of fire with the simple flip of a switch.

Compared to other fire pens on the market, Incendio addresses common problems magicians have encountered in the past, such as poor concealment of the triggering method, exposed switches on the body of the pen, and the inability to use the pen for writing.

With its completely concealed circuitry inside the Sharpie, Incendio maintains the appearance of a regular pen, allowing for performances from any angle and at any time.

In addition, Incendio can be triggered remotely, giving performers endless possibilities for incorporating fire effects in a variety of ways. Using the remote control, you can even let the audience do the "magic" themselves.

In summary, Incendio is a unique and versatile tool that allows magicians to create unforgettable performances.

  • Highly visual effect
  • Can be used as a real Sharpie pen
  • High-level special effects
  • Tutorial teaches you how to create three different types of fireballs
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