Harri's Little Helper by Lord Harri - Trick

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Looking for a fresh take on the classic magic effect that connects with your audience? Look no further than Harri's Little Helper - the perfect addition to any magician's repertoire.

With its modern twist on the timeless 'little hand' effect, it's sure to captivate your audience with its fun and personal hook. And the best part? With its clever gimmick and easy-to-master reveal, this little wonder takes up hardly any pocket space and can easily be added to your everyday carry.

Whether you're performing at an event, a restaurant, or even on the street, Harri's Little Helper is the perfect opener or closer to your card set.

Lord Harri's reputation-making wonder has always been an instant conversation starter, and now you too can perform it.


"Harri's presentation of my little hand trick is so good im almost without words (well, except these words)"
- Bob Farmer

"I honestly think the best version of the little hand has now been done. I absolutely love this"
- Craig Petty

"An amazing take on a classic of magic with great handling and great reactions. A worker's dream of being able to use a borrowed phone, leaving them on your socials is pure gold!"
- James Keatley

"Harri has taken this prop and transformed it into a piece of magic. Combining magic, fun and technology, what else could you ask for?"
- Ferran Rizo

"Once again Harri has created a fooling and fun routine for a hobbyist or professional magician. It is no surprise that it gets great reactions. You've gotta HAND it to him!"
- Rich Gerrish

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