Halloween Exchange (Parlor) by Luis Zavaleta & Nox - Trick

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From the mind of this two Peruvian magicians comes this magic routine that will become one of your favorites for this Halloween!

The kids and also the adults will enjoy this Halloween themed magic routine.

You can execute the routine alone or with a partner on stage and with the help of two kids which can hold each bag on top of their heads. You can add the classic gags while you are doing the transpositions to make it funnier... The limit is your imagination.

Add a nice piece of thematized magic to your Halloween shows.


The magician shows 2 characters: A skeleton and a dracula, then 2 empty bags are shown.

After that, the magician puts each character inside a bag. With a magic gesture, the magician makes them switch places. Finally, the characters are shown on both sides and also the bags.

About the trick:
  • You can perform it immediately
  • This is the perfect trick for your HALLOWEEN shows!
  • This trick is very easy to do
  • Easy to reset (less than 10 seconds)
  • Packs flat and plays very big
  • Well-made with good quality materials
  • The drawings and designs has proven quality and were made with great care in the details
You'll receive a box with this inside:
  • Two paper bags
  • The characters (skeleton & dracula) separated with bubble wrappers
  • Online instructions

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