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The most powerful, easy-to-do book test you can own isn't actually a book test at all. Welcome to "Glance", the one-of-a-kind magazine book test that takes all the best parts of a standard book test and disguises them in an ordinary-looking magazine.

The "Glance" magazine book test is brought to you by Steve Thompson and Vanishing Inc. After being unavailable for a long time, "Glance" is now back with a new-and-improved 3.0 version featuring fresh, modern cover designs and text tweaks based on feedback from magicians and mentalists like you!

You get two different magazines in your set. Both come ready to use and are identical to magazines you'd find in any store. These innocuous magazines are the farthest thing from looking like a magic prop and are way more natural to carry than a strange book. And, if you prefer different covers, it's a less than 60-second job to remove them and replace them with any standard-size cover you like.

Here's What Happens:

Your helper freely chooses either magazine and opens it up to any page they want. It can be an ad or an article. It really is a free choice. Once they stop, they then find a long, difficult word anywhere on the page before closing the magazine.

Without ever needing to open the magazine again, you are able to look at them and figure out exactly what word they're merely thinking of. You won't find a mind-reading demonstration any more fair or powerful than "Glance".

Steve Thompson, with explicit permission from creator Ted Karmilovich, took the iconic "Mother of All Book Tests" and seamlessly integrated it into an ordinary-looking magazine. It's so well done that you will never have to fear your participant holding them at all. Steve even went a step further to develop a clever no-fishing alternative method that eliminates the need for them to say the first letter of their word out loud.

As an added bonus for those who own previous versions of "Glance", the word bank remains the same in this new "Glance 3.0" edition. That means you can now offer up to 6 magazines for them to choose from (if you own both previous versions) without any extra effort.

It almost feels unfair for your audience how direct and powerful "Glance" is. It takes just a few minutes to learn and plays to audiences of any size. There's no sleight of hand or short pages or glimpses or peeks. Nor are there any apps, batteries, or wifi that can fail at the worst time. They open the magazine, find a word and you know it. It's that straightforward.

You won't find a professional quality book test for a price this affordable anywhere else. Grab the new and improved "Glance 3.0" and discover why so many professional magicians and performers consider it to be one of the best book tests you can ever own.

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