Further Diverse Deceptions by Richard Osterlind - Book

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The biggest - and perhaps the best - of the series!

Diverse Deceptions, the first in our retro series, turned out to be a great success, both in sales and in customer feedback. More Diverse Deceptions was also widely accepted. Now we are offering the final entry into the series, Further Diverse Deceptions.

This is what it contains:

Mirage Envelope - Complete instructions on how you can make up these incredible envelopes yourself and have a lifetime supply for a small investment. Richard gives you his own handling as well as a Fourth Dimensional Telepathy effect and a great Q & A routine.

Cards in Pocket - This is the effect where the spectator randomly places two cards in his pockets. The mentalist names the cards and then the spectator tells which card is in each pocket! With this method, he is always right!

Al Mann Routine - This routine is an incredible slant on a prediction effect that is a reputation maker! A spectator secretly writes a question and the mentalist writes an answer. Each paper is sealed in an envelope and the spectator mails them together! The spectator receives his own envelope a few days later and it contains a direct answer to his question! As an exercise in creation, Richard shows you six methods (actually eight!) to accomplish this miraculous effect!

The Swami - For the first time in one place, Richard tells you exactly the type of swami he uses, how to prepare it and how to fit it. This chapter is worth the cost of the whole book if you are a working mentalist!

Miracle Thought Projection Expanded - This is the final word on one of Richard's reputation effects! He teaches what to do in every case and offers a wonderful new way to handle a bad response. If that is not enough, he shows how he ends the effect to make sense of the routine, regardless of what happens. This routine was one of mentalism's most closely guarded secrets for many years!

Stand-Up Die Routine - If you have one of our Whispering Die kits, you will love this stand-up routine that turns the effect into a major piece of mentalism. But, the good news is you can do the routine with any type of die box. Since the Whispering Die is our best-selling effect, however, we're betting that many of our readers walk around with one of them in their pocket wherever they go!

Newspaper Prediction - An incredibly clean and powerful newspaper test where pieces from any newspaper are folded up and one is freely and openly chosen. A committee decides on what is important on the piece and that is shown to be on a prediction paper in sight from the beginning! You can do this immediately once you know the secret!

Direct Book Test - With nothing but four ordinary hardcover novels, the mentalist performs a mind blowing routine of mind reading with a wonderful ending. This method is clean beyond belief and will leave the audience speechless. Richard gives you two great ways to finish. Again, you need no special apparatus.

Some Final Thoughts - Richard concludes this landmark series with some of his own observations about mentalism. As fans of Richard will know, these essays have always been some of the more important sections of any book he has written.

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