Forcing Casino Dice Set (8 ct.) by Alan Wong - Trick

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The set contains eight 20mm casino quality dice made by a professional dice factory, six are gimmicked, one is blank on all sides and one is regular.

The full dice set allows you to force all numbers from 1 to 6 and you only use one die that you need. It gives you a multiple out and allows the spectators to freely mix the items and place them in any order they want, which looks very fair.

The regular die is used for any normal die routine and for examination before or after the routine.

The blank die can be used for other imaginary die routines where the blank die is rolled and they can name any number from 1-6. You can draw or mark anything on the die to make your own custom die, such as color spots, alphabets, any number and symbols etc.

PDF instructions including ten very good suggested routines how to use them and get maximum entertainment with just the dice, plus a bonus routine CHOICES created by Luca Volpe and myself originally for a limited release only and we now share it here with all of you. The idea allows you to force any 36 objects with 6 cards, which you now can adapt to customize for your own use with your own ideas.

Custom printed cards are also included with this forcing dice set.

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