Fly Trap (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bennie Chickering - Trick

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"Even though I use this gaff, it still fools me every time I see it. Bennie is an incredible thinker, and Flytrap further proves it!"
- Kyle Littleton

"I love this! It's just as entertaining as it is fooling! This is another winner!"
- Nicholas Lawrence

"Bennie's Flytraps are delightfully simple. It is amazing how deceptive, versatile, and fun these damn things are. Naturally, highly recommended."
- Kyle Purnell

From Bennie Chickering comes another mind bending visual that you and your audience are bound to love: Flytrap!

Flytrap is a specially prepared card that can be used in a variety of ways. Primarily, Flytrap cards are used to hide another card, (or a couple of cards), from view until they are needed.

From visual productions to transpositions and multiplication effects, Flytrap is the "delightfully simple" way to make it all happen using only one gaffed card.

Easy to use and incredibly satisfying to perform, Flytrap is the perfect gaff card to stash in your everyday deck and use within a moment's notice. Full routines using only the flytrap gaff and a normal deck of cards are taught, but Flytrap can also be easily integrated into some of your favorite card effects to add that extra "wow" factor to your routines. As an opener, a kicker, a utility, or a standalone effect - Flytrap is extremely versatile, visual, easy to use, and so much fun to perform with.

Each unit comes with one flytrap gimmick in red Bicycle rider back and a Joker face along with a trading card so it is ready to go right out of the box.

Note: The Flytrap gimmicks are expertly crafted by Bennie himself and can last you for quite a long time, but please ensure that you watch the instructions prior to first use as the gaff may need to acclimate to your local environment.

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