FLUSHED OUT (Gimmick & Online Instructions) by Eric Stevens & Magic Shop San Diego - Trick

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Simple. Direct. Effective.

Three words that truly describe how great Flushed Out by Eric Stevens is. With a simple, and what looks to be ordinary, gimmicked Poker Guide playing card, you can read your spectators mind!

Here is what your spectators see.

You begin by asking the spectator some simple questions to fully understand how they think. Telling them to imagine a deck of cards and shuffling them in their mind to have a completely random order. Then imagine playing a simple game of cutting to the high card. As they imagine they have cut the deck, you ask the spectator what card they cut to. Now that you know what card they imagined cutting to, you can now read their mind and continue by pulling out a double sided Poker Guide playing card asking them to merely think of any hand on the card. As they are focusing on the poker hands on the Poker Guide card, you then place a small red sticker on the opposite side of the card to lock in your thought of which hand the spectator is thinking. After you have locked in your thought the spectator names the hand they were merely thinking. You then flip the card around showing that you have perfectly guessed their hand that they were just thinking! No outs and nothing is written down previously, you get it right every single time!

Included in the instructions, not only does Eric Stevens teach you how how to perform this killer mind reading effect, but also shares with you a method how you can have the spectator read the performers mind!

With Flushed Out you will receive everything you need, ready-to-perform right out of the box, no DIY needed. Flushed Out is extremely easy to do and we know you will love how simple and direct this effect is!

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