Dr. Schwartz's FLOATING LIGHT BULB by Martin Schwartz - Trick

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The Floating Light Bulb, a classic of magic has now been perfected by the mechanical innovations of Dr. Marty Schwartz. You can now perform Floating Light Bulb flawlessly leaving your audience amazed.

A light bulb is resting on your table. The music starts. You pick up a cloth and cover the light bulb. The bulb starts to rise up off of the table. It remains suspended in mid-air. At your command the bulb peeks up over the top of the cloth and lights up. The bulb then disappears into the cloth, floats upward and away from you. It floats on your arm, hides behind your shoulder and floats down the edge of the cloth. Finally, the bulb is removed from under the cloth, freely shown, as you take a well deserved bow.

This is a must have trick. Complete with instructions, blub, cloth, gimmick and batteries.

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