FLOWER POWER by Alan Wong - Trick

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Tell your friend you will try to read her mind. You bring out a small post it note pad and show different words written on each page. Your spectator freely selected a word while your back is turned and she has committed the chosen object to memory.

Now you are going to draw the thought of object in her mind's eye (in this case a flower for example) on the post it note pad.

You did not seem to get it right at first but as the drawing progress it turned out to be the chosen object which is a flower. Just before you give out your masterpiece to the spectator, a real 3D mini feather flower instantly appears out of the drawing! You can still keep the flower for your next performance and give the drawing to your friend as a souvenir.

You receive a special flower producing Sharpie and a regular Sharpie, post it notes and the gimmick, with the clever and whimsical routine and instructions by the one and only Greg Wilson.

Get your power to produce a flower anytime you want!

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