Flick! Pad by Tejinaya & Lumos - Trick

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Flick! Pad can instantly change a picture or text drawn on a notepad into something else.

It is a comfortable size that fits in one hand.

Not only can it change, but it can also appear, disappear, and move just like other Flick!

Especially, Flick! Pad routine invented by Shouma (the picture in the spectator's hand and the picture on the notepad are switched) is a novel idea that blends in with the characteristics of this item.

The paper can be easily refilled and is available at online stores or at your local stationery store.

Let the ideas you have in your head take shape.

  • Main unit
  • Explanation card (QR code)
  • Refills
  • Creators: Yuji Enei, SHOUMA
  • Design and production: GATTY
  • Translation: Iain Campbell
  • Produced by Tejinaya & Lumos Magic

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