ESP Mind Board

ESP Mind Board

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A fabulous mental effect 

for ALL AGES...

that is very well made! 

Easy to see and cleverly constructed! 

Plays well for Stage, Party or even Close Up.  

Easy to carry and easy to perform, 

yet will astonish your audiences!

A Plexiglas frame shows Ten Cards 

with different ESP symbols 

placed at random. 

All Cards are removed... 

and then Five are handed 

to a Spectator to shuffle -

and the Mentalist / Magician 

keeps the remaining Cards. 

The Mentalist arranges his Five Cards 

in one column without the Audience 

knowing which one was placed in which position... 

and asks the Spectator to choose 

where they would like to place THEIR Cards

in the other column...

WITHOUT looking at them...

a 100% FREE CHOICE!!!


When the board is turned around 

the Spectator finds that ALL TEN CARDS 

have been matched to each other...


A perplexing ending for sure!!! 

Seemingly IMPOSSIBLE... but true!!!

Don’t miss this one as it works itself and is amazing!