Equilibrium (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Michael Murray - Trick

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"Michael's Equilibrium should be an essential weapon of impromptu mentalism in the arsenal of every performer. It has the 'Murray Touch' of simplicity of effect and elegance of method. A must-buy, must-use."
- Mark Elsdon

Equilibrium was MindFX's hottest selling effect at the 2020 Blackpool magic convention.

Equilibrium is far more than a singular effect, instead, it is a modular system which will allow you to perform a wide variety of different effects. At it's core, this system allows you to offer you a refreshing new way of controlling your participants choices without the use of equivoque.

Despite offering your participants GENUINE free choices, you will always be in control of the end result. This system is versatile enough to be used in both close up and stage environments and lends itself to countless routining possibilities.

This booklet contains an in-depth examination of the equilibrium system and details several possible applications for it's use. This includes a beautiful impromptu demonstration of influence which requires nothing more than a handful of coins and a lottery prediction effect. These effects can be performed one on one, or with multiple participants too.

Note: A link is provided within this book to give owners access to performance videos, additional routines and alternative handlings which will be filmed as soon as the present Covid situation eases sufficiently.

As an added bonus, you will also learn Michael's 'Strike it Lucky' Zodiac routine which we feel is worth the price of the booklet alone.

Important Note: 'Equilibrium' and 'Trident' will also feature in the upcoming book titled 'The Missing Piece'. As yet, there is no scheduled release date for this collective work.

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