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THE EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY PROJECT (featuring the Emotional Sensitivity Perception Deck: ESP-D) created by Michael Breggar

ESP card mentalism and magic effects have been around as long as... well, as long as there have been ESP cards! A traditional deck of ESP cards consists of 25 cards, five sets of five symbols each. By now, these symbols are familiar to most people.

However, familiar these symbols are, when they are used for modern mental (or magic) effects, a degree of boredom is suddenly introduced. These symbols are no longer "strange," they are familiar. They are un-ordinary.

Worse, they are un-relatable. Audiences do ascribe meaning to "normal" playing cards. There are 52 of 'em after all! They are used for games, magic, and even fortune-telling. There are stories to be told with them and their diversity allows for an infinite number of patter themes. Can the same be said for the circle, cross, wavy lines, square, and star?

To make a relatable system of ESP cards, I thought through what elements could be grouped into 5 sets of 5 and have meaning that could actually drive and effect and not be merely a prop in the background.

Ah... emotions! That's it!

I created the EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY PERCEPTION DECK - the "ESP-D", for short. This deck, like a "traditional" Zener-style ESP deck, has 5 sets of 5 emotions: JOY - FEAR - ANGER - MELLOW - SADNESS. These 25 emotion "word" cards have IMAGE-BASED mates, making up another 25 cards.

These images are the "real" icons used in psychological shorthand documentation. PLUS... there is a DOUBLE-BACKED card and a BLANK-FACED card to enable many different effects.

The ESP-D will take your ESP card routines to a totally different level! You will up your mentalism game 1000%!

The ESP-D can be used for any ESP card effect in your repertoire. You will also get a 80-minute video tutorial featuring details, nuances, and four great routines. AND you will receive a downloadable PDF with 10 additional effects (including blockbusters by Bob Farmer and Michel Potts).

This is such a great package it's enough to make you emotional!

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