Emojisp (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nexus & Amor magic - Trick

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Is there anything you can show without explanation, and the audience can know what it is? Let's start from the symbol again to find the most popular symbol, which should be emoji.

You will find that our daily communication, emoji, has become a daily language. People can talk for a day without words or voice.

Emoji brings a brand-new content to ESP - social contact. The matching effect can bring you a scene of simulated communication, and each expression can really feel the other's feelings instead of those cold symbols.

Sleight-free handling, zero memory work, semi-automatic routine. It can start quickly by matching a single card, or simulate the matching process of adding friends for the first time. It also has a fully automatic five cards match routine.

You can use the marks on the back of the card to complete those familiar ESP effects.

Bonus: The Emoji corresponding to the number of dice thrown by the audience is exactly your prediction.

The whole process is very fair and clean, because you really haven't done anything, and you can freely change the predicted emoji according to your own preferences.

The most important point is that this forcing is 100% hit and will never fail.

The Invisible Choice credit by Thomas Riboulet. Thank him for letting me share his principles in Emojisp.

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