Elysian Duets Marked Deck (Blue) by Phill Smith - Trick

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"When a magician takes the stage, a captivating duet unfolds between the performer and the spectator, harmonising their roles to craft a symphony of wonder where the impossible becomes tangible. Together, their energy intertwines, orchestrating a magical dance that transcends reality and leaves both mesmerised by the beauty of the impossible made real."
- Peter Curzel / Corzelli the Magnificent

Welcome to the new Elysian Duets from Phill Smith Creative - the first deck in our new Elysian range and the latest development of our unique Optical Marking System, with a whole suite of updates underpinned by the same goal - to build the ultimate deck of playing cards for performing powerful engaging magic.

Features of the Elysian Duets:
  • Four corner marking with our legendary Optical marking system
  • Elegant refined aesthetic
  • Marked with stack position for the Mnemonica stack
  • Marked with cards above and below in Mnemonica stack
  • New one way back
  • One way faces
  • Detailed instruction card
  • Joker reveal card
  • Double backer included
  • Link to full online instructions and tricks

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