Eleusis Deck Video Project (with Online Instructions) by Fraser Parker and Mark Lemon - Trick

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For owners of the Eleusis Marked Deck comes a separate video project containing ideas for its use from Fraser Parker and Mark Lemon (this project is the Kickstarter Video Add On).

Effects taught on this project include Fraser's 'NOKEY' Thought of Card effect, the Marked Deck version of his 'Azlan Streamline' Card At Any Number, his 'Reverse Pin Guess' utilising a Marked Deck, Al Koran's 'Double Thought' two way Mind Read, Mark Lemon's Thought of Card effect 'Chisel', as well as thought on the 'Tossed Out Deck', 'One Way Face Markings', the 'Double Backer' included with the deck and more...

You will receive a download link to the 1 hour 50 mins video project, as well as a PDF containing time stamps for each of the chapters and access to Fraser's effect 'Mollify', which utilises one of the gimmicks contained in the Eleusis Marked Deck.
*Deck is not included, deck sold separately.  

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