Double Face Super Triple Coin (Copper Peace Dollar Version) by Johnny Wong - Trick

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Abbreviated as "Copper Peace Dollar Version" or DFSTC, is a set of the latest coin props recently introduced by Johnny Wong in June 2023. It offers additional enhancements and methods to elevate the illusion of coin magic in professional coin magic performances. Not only does it allow professional magicians to enhance their coin magic capabilities, but it also provides limitless room for improvement for beginners who are just getting started with coin magic.

This set is undoubtedly a unique coin magic prop that reaches the highest level of excellence in the world. No matter what coin magic effect you want to achieve, this set of props can easily help you accomplish it. If you have previously purchased DFSTC, "Eisenhower Dollar," or "Morgan Dollar," you cannot miss out on this "Copper Peace Dollar Version" DFSTC. The new version of this prop allows for even more seamless integration and performance with your previous Dollar Size version.

The online instruction for this product includes the following performance routines:

1. Unique 3 Coins
2. Illusion One Coin Routine
3. Miracle Coin
4. Coin With Souls

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