Double Deck Fournier “European Naval Powers” Playing Cards c.1981

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Mint, sealed double deck set of Fournier's wonderful "European Naval Powers" cards. According to the Fournier catalogue, the striking designs are by Isabel Ibanez de Sendadiano, who designed Fournier's Far East cards, while the World Web Playing Card Museum identifies the designer as "As. Coins." Each suit depicts the famous historical naval figures of one of the great European naval powers of the 16th century: Spain (spades), France (hearts), England (diamonds), and Portugal (clubs). These decks are mint and sealed but there is a set of these cards with an open deck for sale in this shop (T00004445) at which the faces of the cards can be seen.

Each deck has 52 cards, plus 2 Jokers. I believe that each deck has an extra card introducing the deck and identifying how the 4 naval powers are assigned as between the 4 suits. The cards are bridge size, measuring 88mm x 58mm, with gold gilt at the corners. They come in the original packaging, a tray within a sleeve.

The cards and box are mint and sealed.

Reference: Fournier, Playing Cards II, Spain 942

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