Hanson Chien Presents Demon Hand by Hanson Chien & Bob Farmer - Trick

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Magician have been known to carry a small demon, something that must keep to the shadows. It's just a legend...until now.

Your friends will see a creepy Demon Hand reaches way out to snatch a coin - then disappears completely! They will be stunned.

This is a piece for that special moment when you feel like really freaking someone out! I always get asked "how did you do that?" Now, I tell them I have a little helper and I show him to them. It creates a very creepy moment.

Comes complete with hand-painted gimmick (made of rubber) + a steel coin.

Perfect for every magician's pocket.

"One of the greatest tricks if you want a shocking reaction in Halloween."
- Michael Ammar

"Hanson has created a brand new and fabulous version of the Little Hand."
- Bob Farmer

NOTE: The Little Hand created by Bob Farmer. Used with permission.

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