Dead Sea by Long Long & Bacon Magic - Trick

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Conjure up a glass of wine with the bare hands to end the show, many magicians hope to add such a wonderful ending to their performances. Now, magician LongLong has made this effect even easier. Created by LongLong and presented by Bacon Magic, "Dead Sea" makes it easy to conjure or disappear two glasses of wine on stage, in a salon or even in close-up performances.

A magician hurries on to the stage, and he wants to cheer himself up with a drink before his performance. He picks up a handkerchief and shows that it is not hiding anything. The next moment, however, he produces a goblet, and it does contain wine! But the magician decides that just one drink was not enough, and the next second, he conjured up a strong glass full of wine, and drank it all again!

"Dead Sea" consists of four parts: goblet, shot glass, gimmick and loader. Goblets are made of high-quality acrylic, which are durable and can protect the shot glass without breaking itself, and can hold a certain amount of drinks. The shot glass is made of glass and can also hold a certain amount of drinks. It can be hidden in the goblet when the props are not in use. Gimmick after special leakproof processing, can ensure that the drinks in the two cups will not leak out, so you do not need to care too much about your actions in the performance. The top of the prop is equipped with magnetic suction device, can be firmly adsorbed with the loader; And the loader can hang the entire prop on the belt or somewhere else.

The size of the whole set of props after storage is about 3cm x 3cm x 21cm, lightweight and portable, suitable for halls, stages and close-up interactive performances. The magnetic suction device allows you to take the props quickly and silently, making the performance much smoother.
  • Two wine glasses containing drinks can be easily conjured or disappeared;
  • There are 3 ways of performance: produce goblets alone, produce shot glass alone, and produce two cups successively;
  • It is composed of four parts: goblet, shot glass, gimmick and loader;
  • Lightweight and portable, with high concealment, suitable for halls, stages and close-up performances;
  • The product contains 1 matching goblet, 1 matching shot glass, 1 gimmick, 1 loader and 1 handkerchief.
Now use this prop and offer the audience a glass of wine, which will be as memorable as your performance.

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