Custom Made Wood And Playing Card Mat

Regular price $125.00

These gorgeous and stylish performance mats will add a touch of class to any close-up routine. Custom made exclusively for Fantasma Magic, each one is unique.  Each mat has a wooden base that's been carefully covered in playing cards (not an uncut sheet) and sealed. The top of each has a velveteen covering that matches the cards on the bottom with a layer of cushion between the velveteen layer and the wooden layer. Choose from these styles:

Green Gemini with green velveteen top $125 (small)

Orange Fontaines with orange velveteen top $100 (small)

Black, White and Gold with Red velveteen Top $125 (small)

Light blue and Grey with Navy Blue velveteen top $185 (large)

Memento Mori with black velveteen top + bonus black art Mickey Mouse Coins $200 (large)