CUPS and BALLS Aluminum (Gimmicks and Instructions) by Murphy's Magic

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The cups and balls is not only the oldest trick in magic but is a rite of passage for all who profess the title of magician. For centuries there have been as many different cups and ball sets created as there are routines for this classic of magic. The cups and balls are not only the oldest trick in magic but the most versatile... Murphy's Magic is proud to present a cups & balls set that is designed like a professional set but priced at an entry level for beginners. These Aluminum cups are 50% heavier than competitive cup sets. They come with a professional quality set of hand knitted balls and look and feel amazing. These cups are "squatty" in design and have a wider mouth to hold larger final loads. The PERFECT set for beginners and workers alike. POLISHED ALUMINUM 50% HEAVIER WIDE MOUTH DESIGN RED BALLS ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS

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