Cromo Project by Gonzalo Albiñana and Crazy Jokers - Trick

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"CROMO is highly recommended! Very clever! Excellent thinking and topnotch work! It is great to take the work of the greats and advance it. That is how you keep the audience watching the classics "one more time." Thanks for sharing with me! Really impressive work!"
- Pop Haydn

Directly from the professional repertoire of the Spanish Grand Prix of Magic 2023, we present CROMO. CROMO is the personal solution of Gonzalo Albiñana to the color change handkerchiefs, half dyed plots, and a crazy versatile and changing tool for silk magic in general. A never before explored way that adapts and changes to fit your needs, your silks and ideas, it blends with your magic and help you perform and create. Difficult sleights and handlings that were necessary until now are no longer needed thanks to the advantages and surprising design of CROMO. Any kind and size of silks, for any kind and size of performer... All of the techniques and subtleties from the past, and ingenious new ones that make your routine as easy and "realistic" as it can get... It is like you are making the silks to truly change, like there is no gimmick at all, like it is invisible... Just like a chameleon.

You can do it close up, in parlor or stage situations. It's a hit in kids and comedy magic, but you can make any kind of presentation with it.

Everything is included and ready to go, with a personal and detailed study about the history and origins of the Color Change effects throughout magic literature, handlings ideas and presentations, gimmick, accessories, and even bonus ideas for other effects and new gimmicks. Use any arrange or sets of silks, any size of silk, from 12 inches (30 cm), to diamond cut silks, even 40 inches (90 cm), streamers, blendos, flags or strings of flags...

Gimmicks and ideas explained, from the past and new. Basic routines, more combination of silks routines, Half dyed routines and plots, comedy and kid's routines, abstract and absurd examples, different and new ideas for silk magic, sponge magic, rope magic... whatever you can think of... (we want to create a share community to further exchange them...)
  • You can adapt it to any kind of silk or presentation.
  • Perform anywhere, no conditions.
  • Use the silks for other effects.
  • Perfect for parlor and stage.
  • No clothing restrictions.
  • You start and end clean.
  • Everything has "changed".
Welcome to CROMO.

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