Crib! the Art of Hidden Info by Richard Osterlind - Book

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A book you cannot afford to be without!

There are many principles used in mentalism that are ageless. One cannot be a serious mentalist without a thorough knowledge of these subjects. One of these is the use of the crib. Cribs are often an integral part of book tests, expanding anagrams, card effects and a vast amount of mentalism material. CRIB! The Art of Hidden Info is a comprehensive look at the subject.

Richard begins by talking about the general uses of a crib and why it is often the best procedure for the effect. Next he examines the use of slates, pads, clipboards, books, writing instruments and all other manner of clever ideas in hiding and using a crib. These are explained with clear photographs to make everything crystal clear. After reading this book you will be able to create the perfect crib for whatever routine you need to perform!

Besides explaining time-honored methods of cribbing, Richard also introduces a number of his own cribbing ideas that not only gives you innovative information, but will stimulate your own mind to invent your own cribbing methods and even possibly give you the incentive to invent totally new effects!

SPECIAL BONUS! Finally, Richard's Instant Magic Square routine, which many have pronounced as one of the best Magic Square methods, is featured in the book with all of Richard's latest ideas in presentation.

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