Countdown Coins (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Rocco Silano - Trick

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Many years ago, Rocco came up with a coin gimmick that can be used to display four US quarters while instantly changing to three quarters, then two, and finally one quarter, it can also be shown in reverse, going from one to four quarters. The displays can be made one handed which allows for a very clean in the hand's coins across. Rocco's original routine (which is taught in the tutorial) fooled Dai Vernon.

The utility device can be used for many different routines, both stand-up and close-up. The tutorial includes easy, intermediate, and advanced coin routines that are taught by Rocco Silano, Dr. Michael Rubinstein, and Meir Yedid.

You will learn several coins across routines, a multiplying coins sequence, a vanishing coins sequence, a quickie where four quarters turn into ten dimes, and much more.

Routines include: Change Maker, Total Coin Vanish, Countdown Coins Across, Countdown Coins To Glass, Fastest Countdown Coins Across, Vanishing Countdown Coins, One To Four Countdown, Change To Bill, The $1.25 Trick, and Paper To Metal.

Comes with a custom-made coin gimmick using US Quarters, ditching props, and access to an online video tutorial by Rocco Silano, Dr. Michael Rubinstein, and Meir Yedid. A Meir Yedid Magic product.

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