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Conundrum - Issue 1
a curiosity-filled magazine for the discerning magician

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100 pages
Just Magic

Conundrum is a Montreal-based independent magazine for magicians by the husband-and-wife team of Marc Trudel and Sophie-Anne Vachon. Conundrum aims to highlight the best magic, showcase magicians we admire and give back to the magic community.

The magazine is completely ad-free and printed in Canada on really high quality paper. It almost feels like a book. Its pages are filled with interviews, profiles, tricks, discoveries and creative inspiration! We go in-depth and explore magic through a discerning eye. We also choose to focus on the good stuff. Let's celebrate what makes magic so great.

Inside Issue 1 you'll find:

Ernie's Center Double: An unpublished Ernest Earick technique that inspired Ray Kosby to create Raise Rise.

Chung's Center Double Variation: A few applications of the technique from Derrick Chung who previews the upcoming Earick books he will soon publish.

Cap No Cap Sharpie: A pseudo-hypnosis trick you'll want to carry everywhere from Alex Boyer.

Soul Mates: Jeff Hinchliffe's take on an anniversary-waltz-type routine done without any gimmick!

Bringing Chaos to the Zarrow Shuffle: Rising star Bernardo Sedlacek tips this brilliant variation on the classic technique.

Chug Chug Goose: When Rune Klan works on a trick from Eric Leclerc, unexplainable things happen. This new take on a controversial trick was used by Eric to open his FISM performance as a tribute to the Amazing Jonathan.

Where's my Sandwich: Bill Malone helped us bring this previously unpublished Ed Marlo finale for a sandwich routine to print. It fools everyone. Even magicians.

Sticky Hand Job: A crazy fun take on the card stab created by Daniel Garcia and Chris Ramsay on the set of Big Trick Energy!

Everyday I'm Shufflin': A practical solution to the Rubik's cube false shuffle straight for Derrick Chung's show.

It's Nothing: With over 7000 shows behind him, Ghislain Lavoie gives us his best pro tips on performing for children, as well as the current closer from his show!

What they have to say:

"It is probably the best magic magazine out there right now."
- Chris Ramsay

"What a great, modern magic publication. It has an amazing look that has been lacking in magic publications."
- Marc DeSouza

"Took a look at this new journal in the dealer's room at FISM. Highly recommended! It's a big fat good-looking magazine!"
- Richard Kaufman

(Conundrum is a bi-annual magazine, perfect bound, 0.78 pounds, 10 ? Inches by 8 ¼ inches, thick 160gsm paper with a 12pt cardstock matte laminated finish for the cover.)

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