STARHEART Presents CONNEXiON Antique Bronze by Doosung and Ardubi - Trick

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The simplest phenomenon, with the greatest surprises and the greatest fun!

The CONNEXiON is a special mood lamp that can be enjoyed by every audience.

It looks like a beautifully designed ordinary mood lamp, but it has a very deceptive secret.

Simple is the best

How can a mood light be so amazing?

The concept is so simple and intuitive.

This makes it easy for anyone to understand and gives incredible surprises and fun.

Audiences can't operate mood lights that work normally in your hands at all.

The audience tries hard to find the secret because it looks too obvious that you are doing something.

They start observing and analyzing you and copying all the movements.

They try to spin the light bulb, touch the switch, tap the plate, and doubt everything, even the completely unrelated battery-shaped paper in your hands!

They're really trying to turn on the light bulb, however, the mood light does not turn on at all.

The things they suspected are solved one by one, and eventually, they come to only one conclusion.

The conclusion is that the switch is fake.

By the time the suspicion that the switch is fake is at its peak, something unbelievable happens.

Some audiences can control the light, whenever they want, as much as they want, continuously!

This is the moment that the simplest and obvious effect of turning the light bulb on and off by the switch completely blows away the audience's mind!

In addition, you can give the audience who couldn't turn it on at all the ability to turn on a light bulb.

Hold the audience slightly, or let them do something fun action.

If the audience performs a specific mission, they will be able to operate the mood light!

All doubt is gone, and there is only one thing left. A Real Surprise.

But this is not the end!

For a bigger climax, you can also control the light in a way that the audience never imagined.

Thanks to the sophisticated gimmick that has a brilliant system, it is possible to turn on the light bulb without touching it!

As the audience's doubts are broken step by step, their mental breakdown completely, and feel the audience's expressions change in real time every moment the light bulb turns on and off!

Features of CONNEXiON:
  • One of the best parts of the CONNEXiON is that the secret circuit is perfectly hidden in the wooden plate so that the audience can check everything.
  • Don't worry about the secret.
  • The audience can really check everything.
  • It's fun and astounding on its own, but it also has endless possibilities.
  • Not only enrich your existing magic with this, but also you can create new effects by using it with various tricks such as cards, coins, and mentalism effects.
  • Made of luxurious black walnut, it can be displayed gorgeously anywhere and gives an elegant atmosphere.
  • And it is suitable for all types of performances.
  • It's perfect in any way, like a puzzle, like magic, like a game, like a mysterious phenomenon!
  • It's an easy concept for everyone to understand, but it's an effect that nobody can believe, and there's a constant smile and surprise from the beginning to the end of the performance.
  • It is a hot and highly popular item that has gained a lot of praise in Korea.
Enjoy CONNEXiON yourself! It's really fun. Try it!

You can choose the color of the bulb's socket: Antique Rose, Antique Bronze, Antique Gold.

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