Commercial Killers by Chris Congreave - Book

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Beautifully produced in hardback by Haresign Press, 28 super commercial routines that you will want go out and perform straightaway. Cards, coins and mentalism effects. Plus an essay on performing close up magic in a "strolling" environment.

The routines:

Blank Monte - An eye popping packet trick, in the hands, perfect for the stand up strolling performer.

Prediction Packet - A quick prediction effect using a small packet of cards.

ESP stroller - This should be a release in its own right, another in the hands packet effect.

EDC - A brilliant prediction effect that you will carry with you all the time, uses everyday objects.

52 to 1 - A "comedy" prediction that suddenly becomes an "impossible" one.

Pack in hand - A wonderful transposition effect where the spectator ends up holding a full pack of cards when moments before they had a single one.

Wolverhampton Opener - Like the Chicago opener, but with a bit of Wolverhampton humour...

I'm not lying - A great lie detector effect where you can have a LOT of fun.

Lucky Number - A prediction effect that will leave them stunned.

Coin Prediction 3 - An off the wall coin and card effect.

An essay on putting together a Strolling act.

Red Hot - A commercial card routine with a thought of card to wallet finish.

Card in tin - A shockingly visual twist to a classic plot.

Card in tin, table routine - Card under tin, pack under tin then card in tin. Chris has been killing his audiences with this at his gigs, a real worker.

Trade show quick trick - When working trade show stands, this is the trick that Chris uses. Quick and powerful.

Stickman Stan rides again - A really lovely stickman effect that has an ending no one will see coming.

Not another stickman trick? - Yes, you guessed it...

What's mine is mine - A super clean packet effect.

Big fat sandwich - A card sandwich effect, with a twist...

Kickback Jokers - A kickback routine, using Jokers....

Which hand prediction - Use on its own or as a climax to a "which hand" routine.

Card box killer - A super visual ending to any card routine.

Black and white monte - A really lovely "in the hands" variation to the classic effect "Color Monte" using regular cards.

Acme portable hole - It's like a cartoon coming to life, leaving the spectator with an impossible object.

Jokerama - Another great strolling effect using Jokers and a spectators signed card.

Cutting personalities - A great take on the classic spectator cuts the aces effect.

Not Chosen by Gary Jones - A great effect by Gary Jones, Chris has just made it much more visible so it's super visual and great for large tables.

Gambler's Nightmare - A great inside look at card cheating, that will leave them scratching their heads. Oh, and you can personalise it too.


"I have all Chris' books, but this one. Wow! You could literally add all of these in your repertoire. These are simple to understand yet, all of those tricks are killers."
- Bravo Chris - Michel Huot

"I have been lucky enough to have seen most of the effects in Commercial Killers, and I have Road tested at least half a dozen of them myself. All I can say is the purchaser is in for a real treat. There are effects in this collection for the hobbyist and the professional, plus the tips and advice too. Awesome."
- Gary Jones

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