Comedy Clapperboard by Costi and Quique Marduk - Trick

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David Peters, (who use to work at Murphy's Magic Supplies) Great Grandfather invented the movie clapper.

He was a magician and sound man for television. His stage name was Leon-Leon. He invented the clapper and the Boom-Mic.

More than 20 years ago, my dear friend Rey Ben had a fabulous idea. The Cut-no Cut scissors but with a cinema Clapperboard, but it was an idea only, he never made one or solved the mechanism.

Recently thanks to my friend Costi, the Clapperboard is working with a clever system.

Imagine the hundreds of presentations of this new gag.
  • Simulate the filming of a magic trick where you have to guess a playing card and at the end that card appears written with chalk behind the clapperboard
  • If you place a little piece of double scotch tape or Blu-Tac on the back of the clapperboard, the card or the signed card can appears there at the end.
  • Performing a mental effect to predict the result of a sum, the final number can appears written behind the clapperboard. Always simulating filming a movie.
  • Pretend to film the birthday child and at the end of the sequence of the gags, happy birthday and the child's name appear written behind.
  • Explain that with the clapperboard you will catch a chosen card in the air, (as with the spade of cards). The spectator can't open it, and then can't close it. When he throw the cards, you do not catch any, however the chosen card appears behind the clapperboard.
You receive the wooden clapperboard and a video to be downloaded with lots of ideas.

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