Circuit Marked Playing Cards by The 1914 - Trick

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Designed in collaboration with world-renowned playing card designer Destino, Circuit fuses the mystique of magic and mentalism with the sophistication and allure of modern technology.

Circuit is the perfect tool for for memory demonstrations, psychic gambling routines and mind reading; the backs of each card hold within them an arcane system of concealed markings.

To the uninitiated, they are but an artistic tapestry of digital elegance. Yet, to the magician who wields the knowledge, they transform into an invisible roadmap; guiding the conjurer through a labyrinth of 52 possibilities.

What sets apart the secret markings is their ease to read and their strategic placement; while spreading the cards, the markings cleverly tuck beneath your thumb, seamlessly blending into the design and safeguarding the secret.

Need a quick glance at multiple marks? The system discreetly unveils at the edge of the design, even during the tightest spreads on the table.

Crafted on exquisite German card stock, the tactile experience of Circuit will ensure every move and shuffle is executed with grace and precision.

This is not merely a deck of playing cards; it's a clandestine journey into the realm of the mind, where each card becomes a secret cipher waiting to be decoded.

Circuit: transform every card routine into captivating displays of artful deception.

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