Chameleon Crayons by Chazpro - Trick

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Chameleon Crayons! Both Stage and Closeup all together!! A Chazpro and Santa Magic Production

Includes both Stage and Closeup versions!

Bring out the box of crayons with the six different colors. State that as a child, it was always a tragedy when your favorite color ran out. This, however, isn't a problem for a magician. Since everyone probably has a different favorite color, offer to have one randomly selected. cover the crayons with a silk. Remove the silk to show that all the crayons have changed to the selected color! Super easy!

  • 1 stage version gimmicked Crayon set (Force colors vary)
  • 1 Close up version gimmicked Crayon set (Force colors vary)
  • 2 gimmicked backs for each set of Crayons
  • 1 18-inch silk (colors Vary)

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