Cardvertisment (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Michel Huot, Luca Volpe, and Alan Wong - Trick

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Cardvertisement by Michel Huot
Produced by Michel Huot, Luca Volpe and Alan Wong

From the creator of Socks, Priceless and Nostalgia comes a very solid 5-10 minutes routine for stage or parlor.

Here is what happens:

Nowadays, begins the mentalist, advertisement is everywhere. Does it still work? Or not?

Are we still being influenced by it or not really?

Cardvertisement is a nice stand-up or stage bit where you demonstrate that it hopefully, works. You bring attention to one card and one card only (it can be on the table, in a clip, in a balloon, on your breast pocket etc.)

You then show different boards and have one or many members of the audience make some choices (no forces).

- Sir, tea or coffee?
- Tea
- I knew it. Now look at this board, you want the red circle or black square?
- Black square
- Ah so easy. People your age and drinking tea usually go with black square.

Showing another board

- Black means you have the choice between Spades or Clubs. You see that the spades symbol is way bigger than the clubs one. Will you be attracted by the obvious or it is reverse psychology and you will go with clubs? Which one it's going to be?
- Clubs
- Ah you are making this so easy.

Showing another board

- Now, odd or even?
- Odds
- YES!
- Ace, 3, 5,7,9, Jack or king...which one?
- 9
- So black, Spades, odds 9 that makes the 9 of Spades

The magician takes back the card from the clip that was visible on the table and it is the 9 of Spades

Cardvertisement uses no forces and is very easy to do. All 52 cards are possible. No fumbling. Nothing is in your pockets It is right there in front of your audience.

The card can be in so many places. Use a Kennedy box, a clear box, a clip, a paper-clip, your pocket, a balloon.

Cardvertisement is great for parlor or stage magic. Use it in mentalism or magic shows. It can also be used with other things than playing cards. It could be the different products from your client, symbols, super heroes etc.

Cardvertisement comes with:
  • An elegant box
  • 7 boards
  • Velcro strip for the cards
  • A carry bag
In the video instructions download you will also learn Michel Huot's H.i.P.S. Switch, a fantastic way to switch a card or billet in full view!

If you are looking for a killer stand-up routine, you will be delighted with Cardvertisement.

Even if this effect was developed independently, credits go to earlier and similar effects created by Angelo Carbone (Cue the Magic), Jon Allen (Silent Treatment), Wayne Dobson (Eye Pad), Dean Dill (Revelation) and others that came before that we may have omitted. Check out these tricks!

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