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The 'Turn' in Texas Hold 'Em is the most interesting round of betting that is usually overlooked, most players have a good Flop and River strategy but the Turn is often passed by. This deck changes that, bringing focus to the most interesting round of betting, blending it with magic giving you more flavour to your magic and game night.

Turn Playing Cards are our take on the classic decks from the card table, but as always with the Mechanic Industries trademark twist. Your riffle shuffles will come to life with the flip-book animations, bringing interest and added magic to your card games and routines. Unlike our other playing cards, these cards are not marked, however they do animate, and in any order the animation looks awesome!

You can also use the flip-book to add flavour to your card magic presentations, showing the cards 'working' to bring the selected card to the top in an ambitious card routine, or printing the deck in a blank fan trick for example. Turn Cards come in Red and Blue, so now you can add even more presentational value by 'Turning' the deck blue from red in your colour changing deck routines. They give so much added narrative for your magic allowing a deeper connection in the minds of your audiences.

Custom Ace of Spades features the classic Mechanic Gear Spade design and the courts have been stripped back to enhance the clean and minimal feel of this deck. We have included some classic gaffs such as a double backer, double facer, as well as a red/blue double backer for your colour changing deck routines and more. We've also added our Grinder Coin Gaff Jokers to these decks as well as a blank facer to maximise the magic potential of these decks. As with all of our products we've got your back, we don't just leave you floundering on the flop, we provide full video training showing some awesome new and original routines straight from Jimmy's working repertoire.

TURN Magic Tutorials

Turn Red
A streamline colour changing deck routine utilising the gaff cards and a few sleights to create an extremely visual and hard hitting piece of magic that has to be seen to be believed!

Jimmy's hyper visual and fast paced take on the classic Anniversary plot. Basic handling with maximum impact using the double face gaff to full effect.

Fanbelt 2.0
A blank fan deck routine that uses the animation to 'print' the entire deck. Turning an entire blank deck into a fully printed deck of cards. A great opening trick that uses only a couple of very basic sleights.

Double Turn
This routine utilises the double backer to full effect. A powerful double prediction style trick with minimal handling that gets your audience involved at the heart of the trick. Super simple to perform and space to add your own narrative to really sell this miracle!

The classic effect was created over 10 years ago which is at the core of Mechanic Industries in terms of cross compatibility between props. Pluck the coin off of the card in this hyper visual trick leaving your audiences stunned! It's also a great way to transition from your card set to your coin routine.

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