The Keys of Solomon: Golden Grimoire Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle

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The darkside has called upon me once again. With our previous Deal with the Devil - UV Playing Cards and the burning hells of Inferno Playing Cards, we have moved on to a new realm of Darkside. Under the influence of King Solomon, we have discovered a new method to conjure the devil, allow us to present - The Keys of Solomon Playing Cards.

  • Presented in 2 wicked editions - Golden Grimoire & Silver Spirituum
  • Side of the tuck box mimics the edge of the mystical book - The Keys of Solomon
  • Gold/silver hot foil stamp on the pure black premium 300gsm matte finish tuck case.
  • Inner tuck case infused with "The Great Pentacle" in gold/silver foiled lines.
  • Limited to 1850 decks each with custom foiled number seal.
  • Cards printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their luxury paper stock.

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