Sorcerer's Apprentice Playing Cards (Blue)

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A magical deck of cards 225 years in the making!

The desire to wield true magical powers is a wish as old as mankind itself. One of the most well-known stories about this fantasy is "Der Zauberlehrling", better known as The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and originally published in 1797, the story stands the test of time.

Exactly 225 years later, Penguin Magic is proud to present our tribute to the original poem, crafted into an exquisite deck of playing cards. Designed by Douglas Fuchs and art directed by Kevin Reylek, the entire deck is illustrated in a woodcut style.

The blue & white back design features the Sorcerer's spell book, the enchanted brooms, and of course the waves of unending water. The design also contains an openly-readable marking system that allows you to secretly learn the suit & value of a card, just by looking at its back!

The custom faces give the deck a unique flair, while still being suitable for all applications. Some of the court cards are even performing small feats of magic themselves. The Jokers showcase a broom and a bucket of pouring water. The Hearts & Diamonds use a deep shade of red, while the Spades & Clubs use a dark blue with light blue highlights.

The tuck box features the Sorcerer himself on the front, casting a spell over the whole package. The box is crafted from a premium matte blue paper stock, with the interior and exterior designs in white foil. The package is topped off with an individually-numbered silver foil sticker seal.

Sorcerer's Apprentice playing cards feature Penguin's exclusive UltraLux™ Finish and AquaFlow™ Coating. The casino-grade European card stock has a perfect linen texture that handles like an absolute dream. The cards are traditionally cut with smooth edges that provide just the right amount of grip.

Printed with vegetable-based inks and water-based coating, the cards are planet-friendly as well! Sorcerer's Apprentice decks are soft enough to get to work straight out of the box, but durable enough to meet the needs of a full-time magician, cardist, or card sharp.
  • Limited printing of only 2,500 decks
  • 100% custom artwork by Douglas Fuchs
  • Openly-readable marking system tells you the suit & value of each card
  • UltraLux™ Finish with AquaFlow™ Coating
  • Traditionally cut
  • 2 gaff cards included
  • Custom matte blue paper tuck box with white foil inside & outside
  • Custom silver foil sticker seal with individual numbering

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