Smokers Playing Cards by Bill Davis Magic

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Nothing more closely resembles a deck of playing cards than a pack of cigarettes in terms of size and shape. SMOKERS Playing Cards were designed to perfect that image, both proportionately, structurally, and aesthetically, in the most classic sense! They are not at all meant to support cigarette smoking but designed as a tribute to that time-honored look while encouraging healthier activity such as playing card usage. SMOKERS are not only a true conversation piece but a gateway to a world of fun and multitude of magical possibility.

What kind of deck is this?

This is a high-quality standard poker-size deck of playing cards manufactured by the Hanson Chien Production Company (HCPC), printed on their air cushioned Classic stock with Legendary coating (comparable to USPCC's classic stock and finish).

What do they feature?

SMOKERS feature a whopping 58 cards housed in an authentic cigarette box-style tuck, with a custom inner white layer just like a box of cigarettes, and come wrapped in cellophane with a gold tear stripe for that traditional pack of smokes and playing cards look! They are great for general card game players and have a colorful back design that makes them beautiful for cardists and flourishers.

SMOKERS are also CHOCK-FULL of other cool features including:
  • FULLY MARKED BACKS on all 52 value cards as well as for the ad card and both Jokers
  • Inconspicuous one-way back design
  • Traditional thick-bordered backs
  • Faces recolored to match the tuck
  • Custom court faces (identified on cover card face with explanation of marking system/reveals)
  • 8 reveals (5 on card faces and 3 on the tuck including a multi-card reveal)
  • Custom Ace of Spades
  • Custom ad card (with reveal)
  • Matching custom Jokers (one with cigarette and reveal)
  • Cover card to make the deck look like a full cigarette pack upon opening it
  • Red/menthol double backer
  • Angle Z gaff card

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