SLOTS Playing Cards by Mechanics Industries

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SLOTS Playing Cards are the latest in the Mechanic Industries Casino Edition Range. Play all of your favorite casino games like never before - with our high quality casino-themed playing cards.

This unique and fully custom deck features our advanced flip-book animation, bringing the classic game of SLOTS to life. PLUS: use our trademark 13 repeating back system to secretly read the value of all the cards! But there's MORE - with Mechanic Industries products there's ALWAYS more! Along with each deck we provide you with outstanding magic video tutorials. Online and completely for FREE. These tutorials will help you make the most of your new SLOTS deck, and equip you with everything you need to win your audiences over.

Inbuilt to the deck is an amazing new trick called JACKPOT. They will not believe their eyes when you hit them with the kicker as you will spin their world. You can even combine this with the other two decks from the Casino Edition Range (ROULETTE and CRAPS), to create an entire gambling themed show!

The flip-book animation alone will drop jaws, but once you learn how to build this into the magic tricks we will teach you, you will blow people's minds. If you have a reel good feeling about this, you're absolutely right. We bet you've never seen anything like the SLOTS deck before, and neither have your spectators. This deck is no gamble, because we guarantee that you'll win big with your audiences. So don't wait, give SLOTS Playing Cards a spin for yourself!


Animated and Marked Cards
The card backs of our SLOTS Playing Cards have been uniquely designed so that when you riffle through the cards, it creates a flip-book animation of a Slot machine. The cards are also marked, so once you know the secret that we teach you, you'll be able to immediately identify the value of each and every card, just by glancing at the card back.

Custom Court Cards
Like with our ROULETTE and CRAPS Playing Cards, we have customised the court cards to include gaming motifs such as money and coins. These details really add to the thematic flavour of the deck, while ensuring that the cards are still familiar and recognisable for use in magic or card games.

Grinder Coin Gaffs
We have re enlisted our favourite Grinder Coin Jokers for SLOTS as these fit perfectly with the theme and extend the possibilities for routining magic with this deck. Now you can combine the coin theme with the animations for maximum magical pay-out! This also unlocks a host of tutorials from the Mechanic Workshop.

SLOTS themed magic tricks
You can use the built-in animation on the card backs as an integral part of the tricks we teach you. For example, get your spectator to say 'stop', and see how lucky they get. We have a whole bunch of tricks for this deck, that use the animated card backs, or that can be combined with our Grinder coins (or use your own preferred currency) for other great visual tricks. Our trick JACKPOT is worthy of the admission cost alone - it has a massive payout, and here at Mechanic Industries we have been slaying people with this real life worker!

Free magic tutorials
As with all our other decks, we give you free and comprehensive video training to get the most out of your new SLOTS Playing Cards. We cover the marking system, how to use the Jokers and blank card, as well as the big finally trick JACKPOT. The original Jackpot trick created for this deck has had additional input from Luiz Castro and Curtis Kam to create a most amazing piece of magic. It is almost self-working, so it is accessible for everyone, but if you are a seasoned magician then the sky is the limit!

USPCC quality
SLOTS Playing Cards are printed by USPCC on their premium crushed Bee stock with their popular magician's finish. This means that these cards handle as good as they look, and provide superior handling and performance for card connoisseurs and magicians alike.

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