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From deep within the dragon's lair comes a limited edition stash of Piff's Personal Packs.

Regular cards just won't cut it if you're a dragon, one sneeze and your decks gone up in smoke. Therefore Piff's Personal Packs has been flame proofed with an Anti Dragon Fire spell of protection that technically doesn't exist but is reassuring nonetheless. (Careful though, it only works on actual Dragon Fire. Regular fire they'll go up like a hedgehog.)

No expense was spared to produce this timeless heirloom. (Partly because Piff didn't ask how much gold foil was before gold foiling the sh*t out of everything.) Printed on a luxurious crushed cardstock to ensure these fan, faro and flourish like a dream so you can post videos of yourself online doing moves a dragon can only dream of.

Sure, they're not cheap. But who treasures cheap? These are a premium product for a premium collector. Break them out to dazzle the upper classes, keep them safe in your safe next to your nuggets, or just sleep on them like a dragon sleeps on gold.

All 52 cards have been thoughtfully included plus two specially commissioned Piff Jokers, and a custom tailored tuck sealed with a genuine seal.

Why are you still reading this? Just buy a brick already and bask in your own greatness!

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