PIFF The Magic Dragon Playing Cards

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Introducing The Piff the Magic Dragon Playing Cards, a completely custom totally badass deck of playing cards designed from the ground up to fulfill all your magical dragon desires.

Features you'll find in this unique deck of playing cards include:
  • Brand new pips and indices
  • Custom back design
  • Custom court cards
  • Redesigned tuck box
  • Die-Cut Harbin Table Playing Cards
  • Custom Joker
  • 3 Gaff Cards for a special Piff magic trick
Pips and Suits:
The pips and indices in The Piff the Magic Dragon deck of playing cards have been redesigned to represent various aspects of Piff's life.

Spades are now represented by flames. The paws of Mr Piffles have replaced the clubs. Hearts are out, flowers are in, and diamonds...ok diamonds are still the same, but fancier.

Back Design:
Where do dragons live? Rubbishy dank, dark caves, that's where. No air conditioning. No central heating. Not even a bed! (Tradition dictates dragons sleep on treasure but this is very bad for the posture.)

Where do dragons dream of living? A big, fat, glorious castle, tended by Princesses, served by Knights and surrounded by a moat so when the world gets too much we can just pull up the drawbridge and hibernate.

This custom back design represents Piff's future castle, aka PiffLand. The perfect place for a Magic Dragon to get away from it all, although for now this is as close as he's getting.

Court Cards:
Kings are represented by Piff, obviously. Queens have been upgraded to Princesses, as Princesses are hotter and Queens are usually married, which is asking for trouble. Finally, Jacks are represented by none other than Mr. Piffles himself, the World's Only Magic Performing Chihuahua.

Tuck Tacular:
The Piff the Magic Dragon deck of playing cards would not be complete without some appropriate carrying system. And so we introduce The Tuckular! A Tuck Tacular!

Each Piff deck is safely stored in a custom built and designed tuck case that is an exact replica of Piff's legendary Tacular...and yes, you even get 2 uniquely engineered die-cut playing cards that fold out into a Harbin table!

Tacular Info:
  • Re-engineered and designed tuck box
  • Manufactured in high quality, long lasting synthetic paper for durability
  • Tuck artwork will have high gloss spot coating
  • Holds up to 64 cards:
  • 52 custom playing cards
  • 2 Jokers
  • 3 Gaff Cards
  • 3 Die-Cut Harbin Table Cards
  • 4 Sandwich Pack Playing Cards
Gaff Cards
3 Bonus Gaff Cards will be made for an exclusive magic trick that you'll be able to perform!

EFFECT: A spectator takes a card, remembers it, and it is then shuffled back into the deck. To find it, Mr Piffles, the World's First Cannonball Chihuahua, is placed into a cannon, and shot through the air. He flies through the deck before smashing through the chosen playing card. Ta da!

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