Mucha Princess Hyacinth Silver Edition Playing Cards by TCC

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The female lead in the artwork wears a crown decorated with stars and red Hyacinth flowers, and similar Hyacinth motifs are hidden in the various corners of the painting...such as her earrings, necklace, skirt, and the ring held in her hand. In the crescent-shaped semicircle in the background, Mucha incorporated relevant props from the play, such as the blacksmith's hammer, the noble's crown, an alchemist's bottle, and the "Princess's" thick arms also hinting that she was the blacksmith's daughter.
  • Gorgeous pearl paper tuck box with foil
  • Full illustrations on the card face (Index with no pips)
  • Luxurious metallic ink
  • Redesigned custom tuck seal
  • 52 cards+2 jokers
  • Standard poker-sized playing card

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