Matrix Playing Cards by Luke Wadey

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Inspired by historic studies of graphic design principles and experimentation, this collection explores the connection between circles that sit on an equal grid, a matrix of circles, and the fluidity of the shapes that can be created.

The deck
  • Designed by Luke Wadey
  • Printed by USPCC limited to 2500 decks
  • Fully custom, abstract design
  • Premium Bee stock, crushed, air cushion finish and traditionally cut
  • 56 fully custom cards including 4 additional cards
  • 1 way back design with experimental card faces
The story

Graphic design as we know it, would arguably not be the same without the founders of the Swiss Design style, otherwise known as the 'International Typographic Style', one of whom is called Armin Hofmann.

Inspired by a study of his, this is the first deck in Luke's latest collection that combines his love of typography, with bold, original pattern design, fully customised with thirteen different face card graphics, and a 1 way back design.

With collectors and cardists in mind, Luke wanted this deck to stand out and differ from the norm, with his Grid collection having set the scene with his roots in typographic playing card design.

Matrix promises to question both the user and the spectator, with unique displays during flourishes, spreads and packet cards; the overlapping colors playfully combining and contrasting in motion. Even when not in use, the deck is a work of graphic art and sure to be a truly unique addition to any collection, and the start of a fascinating journey of experimentation and evolution as the series grows.

Photography by Ryan Smith.

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