Card Masters Precious Metal Foil (White) Playing Cards by Handlordz

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LIMITED EDITION Card Masters Precious Metals - Casino Edition is The MUST HAVE Deck of the year!

"De'vo's Signature Series Card Masters" Precious Metals Casino Edition is the embodiment of unique and beautiful in playing card design! This amazing new deck has custom everything- custom pips, court cards and jokers all done in 4 different precious metal coloring patterns - platinum, tungsten, yellow gold and rose gold. The AMAZING artwork by Anika Burrell is breathtaking! Each suit has its own unique mask and coloring broken up into the 4 different precious metals. Each "Card Master" court card has signature card manipulation moves such as fans and card springs.

The AMAZING box has no less than 4 different foils AND embossing making it the the first ever of its kind in De'vo's extensive collection of decks. De'vo even included a very special white sparkle paper stock to make it even nicer!

Printed by USPC, do not miss this amazing deck!

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